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Molo 44 Suites Puerto Banus is a Luxury Guest house, unique in its kind, winner of the Luxury Hotel Awards 2018 and candidate in 2020, it consists of 13 Suites and Rooms each one is unique and different from the other, a cozy salom with fireplace, a splendid garden with a part dedicated to wellness, Yoga and Fitness Classes, a swimming pool and a magnificent panoramic terrace with views of the sea and La Concha

The design combines antiques, most of the family collection, and designer furniture that give the place uniqueness and create even more a feeling of relaxation, informality and home. Another unique detail of Molo 44 is its important private collection library made available to our guests.

Molo 44 is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a unique vacation, created thanks to details, discretion and professionalism, all our packages are exclusively designed to respond to the needs of our guests, in an elegant and informal place

Our commitment is “to make you feel at home“.

A family story:

Molo 44 has been the private residence of the Caldiero family until 2014 when Beniamino the eldest of the children decides to transform the family residence into a small Guest House, Beniamino comes from a family of Hoteliers in Positano on the Amalfi Coast and already had the first Molo 44 in Salerno on the Amalfi Coast and so he decides to bring the same concept to Marbella, and little by little he builds Molo 44 Suites Puerto Banus, today with the help of Safa, his wife, graduated from the prestigious Les Roches Hotel School and the whole family have made Molo a reality established in Marbella, a spectacular place and the meeting point of thousands of travelers who over the years have spent time with us enjoying Molo and its proposals, today our new bet is on making Molo a place where well-being becomes the center of our activity and we have expanded our offer with a beauty salon, periods of Yoga and Meditation retreats, fitness packages and golf with sports therapy sessions for golfers.